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SFW artist.
Been at the art game for all my life.
Digital art for about 10 years now, self taught.
Outside of art, I am also a huge toy collector especially in Transformers.
HMU for any commission info.

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Posted by WonderWaffle93 - February 17th, 2021

As you guys know, TX is in a really bad state right now.

You can find more of my commission info on the following link below, feel free to DM me here or on Twitter




Posted by WonderWaffle93 - January 31st, 2021

So the big blue bird locked and suspended my account for a good solid day for spreading misinformation on Covid.

To clarify, All i did was say that anti vax protestors need to be kicked in the groin for blocking people from getting the vaccine.

Apparently though, to twitter, that is in violation of "spreading misinformation on Covid 19"

So where does that leave me now.

Well nowhere really I just cant post on twitter for a day.

So for now, to those who follow me there, please spread the word incase this goes on longer then a day.

I will most likely be making an alternative backup account.

Until then I only pray people follow me there and also here.

Commissions are my only source on income and I really can not be starting over.

I worry that if i do get banned permanently i will not be able to recover the massive traffic i do now for commissions.

On top of that someone is impersonating my account too. All this in one night. Great, huh?


Posted by WonderWaffle93 - January 3rd, 2021

You heard it right.

I will be opening commissions in the near future(looking at about 2 weeks)

I kinda need the money now more due to my phone basically becoming a brick so I had to get a new one and its gonna bump the price up on our phone bill. Normally I wouldnt jump to getting a new phone but after having my phone looked over, I would be spending just as much getting it fixed(300+ just for charging port repair)

Plus thats on top of what bills me and my wife have already. I also need a phone due to my mothers current health so I have to have a way to always stay in contact for just about anything.

You can contact me here or twitter if you have any questions.

Remember, I only do SFW art.

You can find info on what I draw and do here

Base price for a sketch being about 26 USD, colored fullbody with shading and such is about 66 USD

Depending on complexity and such can affect the pricing.

I do plan on re-doing my commission sheet and prices once I get things organized.




Posted by WonderWaffle93 - January 1st, 2021

I apologize for the spam of art btw. I have basically a giant backlog of works from 2020 so expect a huge influx on that!

Thanks for the support and follows btw!



Posted by WonderWaffle93 - January 1st, 2021

After years of building up a digital art portfolio and making commissions my source of income, I have finally kicked it off and made an account on NG.

Some of you might know me, others obviously wont, so hi!

Not much else to say aside that I go by WonderWaffle(no relation to CoD, I just thought the name was FUNNY LOL when I first made a deviantArt account ages ago.)

You can also find me and if not all my art pieces on Twitter by just looking up handle.